Gold is the main commodity mined on an artisanal and small-scale, accounting for approximately 50% of annual national production and 75% of the sector’s workforce, followed by fluorite and coal in almost equal shares. Smaller quantities of limestone, gemstones, and wolfram are also produced through ASM.

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Key Minerals Mined by ASM

Coal • Fluorspar • Gemstones-All • Gold • Limestone • Salt • Tin • Tungsten

Gold Sold to Bank of Mongolia in Tons from ASM Individuals

Gold sold to the Bank of Mongolia from individual ASM traders/dealers has increased significantly over the past decade, and especially over the past four years. This suggests increasing capture of value from ASM in-country.

Data Source: Bank of Mongolia, 2018

Source: Bank of Mongolia. 2017. The Bank of Mongolia Annual Report.

Tax Paid by ASGM 2012 vs. 2016

Tax paid by Mongolian artisanal and small-scale miners have almost doubled in just four years. This shows increasing capture of revenue from the sector by the state, up from USD 76,420 (MNT 196) in 2012 to USD 136,465 (MNT 350) in 2016.

Data Source: NSO, 2016

Source: NSO, 2016. Artisanal and S[m]all-scale miners’ survey summary. NSO and SDC.


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