Peru has a long mining tradition, with mineral revenues having been a major contributor to the country’s development. However, while the country’s vast mineral wealth is contributing to economic growth, the benefits are not evenly distributed and regional inequality is increasing. This has contributed to the growth of a large ASM sector mostly for gold. There are also small numbers of people extracting copper depending on international prices, and some artisanal coal mining.

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Key Minerals Mined by ASM


Peru Gold Production 2004-2016

Gold production from ASM in Peru increased significantly after 2008, likely in relation to the increase in the price of gold, in turn relating to the global financial crisis of the same year. Since then, production peaked in 2012 and in 2014 began to level off at approximately 1,000 tons per year.

Data Source: Ministry of Energy and Mining

Data source: Ministry of Energy and Mining, Peru. The data was received in personal communication with researcher Sally Faulkner.


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